Svensk Kolinlagring is an organisation that connects different actors to enable increased carbon storage with added value in Swedish agricultural soils. We have created a solution that contributes to halting climate change, increasing soil carbon and fertility, preserving and creating ecosystem services, and contributes to a sustainable food system.

There is too much carbon in the air and too little carbon in the soil. By bringing together companies and businesses willing to pay for carbon sequestration with farmers willing to engage in carbon sequestration and soil improvement activities, we ensure that agriculture becomes a carbon sink. The IPCC scenario with successful climate mitigation includes a transition of agriculture from a carbon source to a carbon sink. Staying below the 1.5 degree limit requires a long-term transition to agroecological, carbon-storing and regenerative farming practices – a food system within planetary boundaries.

Svensk Kolinlagring was launched in 2019 by Miljömatematik Malmö (MMM) and Albaeco. Then it was a project, now Svensk Kolinlagring is an organisation with its own employees. There is still a lot of work being done by MMM and Albaeco, as well as all farmers, investors, researchers and other partners involved. Funding over the years has come from the Swedish Board of Agriculture, Vinnova, Svea Foundation and MiljöMatematik Malmö.