Svensk Kolinlagring is an initiative, a collaboration and a common platform that connects different actors to enable increased carbon sequestration with added value in Swedish agriculture. We have created a solution that contributes to halting climate change, increasing organic matter and soil fertility, preserving and creating ecosystem services, and contributing to a sustainable food system.

There is too much carbon in the air and too little carbon in the ground. By bringing together organisations and businesses who want to pay for carbon storage with farmers who want to engage in carbon storage and soil improvement measures, we ensure that agriculture becomes a carbon sink. The IPCC’s future scenarios where we succeed in counteracting climate change include a transformation of agriculture, from a carbon source to a carbon sink. If we are to stay below the 1.5-degree limit, a long-term transition to agroecological, carbon-storing and regenerative farming methods is required – a food system within the planetary boundaries.

Svensk Kolinlagring has three main activities: In our platform, we connect organisations and businesses that want to pay for carbon storage with farmers that want to engage in carbon sequestration and soil improvement measures. We collaborate with researchers and universities to develop new knowledge and put knowledge into practice. We give lectures and run courses on carbon farming. In June 2023, we launched a web-based course on regenerative agriculture for Swedish conditions.

Svensk Kolinlagring will become an independent, non-profit, member-owned organization. Today, it is a collaboration between the project owner MiljöMatematik Malmö AB and Albaeco, as well as all the farmers, investors, researchers and other partners who participate. Funding has been provided by the Swedish Agricultural Agency (Jordbruksverket), Vinnova, Svea Foundation and MiljöMatematik Malmö.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more.