Svensk Kolinlagring is a collaboration to increase carbon sequestration in Swedish agricultural soils. We want more carbon in the ground, better incomes for farmers, and food security across the system – all actors who share our vision are welcome.

The aim of Svensk Kolinlagring is to create sufficient incentives for increased carbon sequestration in Swedish agricultural soils, enabling a rapid transition in how we produce food on Swedish farms. To do this we are building an ecosystem of companies, organisations, farmers, advisors, and researchers.

In our second pilot year, 2021-2022 we have 41 farmers signed up to use carbon sequestering methods on a total of 900 hectares, funded by 12 corporate partners.

More carbon in the ground contributes to healthier soils, which are more resilient to climate change induced weather events such as droughts and floods. This improves the stability of the food production system overall, and creates better financial prospects for farmers as the risk of harvest loss decreases. Many of the methods that are being tested to increase carbon sequestration also provide other benefits, such as increased biodiversity and less nutrient run-off.

Our mission is to create a win-win-win solution that contributes to mitigate climate change, increase soil fertility, maintain and create ecosystem services, increase yields and profitability in Swedish agriculture.

Svensk Kolinlagring is headed by Miljömatematik, and funded by multiple sources, amongst others the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova, the Swedish Board of Agriculture and Svea Foundation.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more.